Club History

The Charlton Garden Club, Charlton, Massachusetts, was founded in 1937. The club has met continuously, except for a brief time during World War II due in part to gasoline rationing. The first meeting was at the home of Dorothy Woodbury where a group of 12 Charlton ladies got together and spoke of their interest with others in the community. More than 300 men and women have enjoyed club programs and activities, as well as made lifelong friendships over the years.

The clubs purpose was, and remains, “To create interest in gardening in all its branches, and encourage the beautification of home and community.”

Charlton Garden Club offers opportunities to learn, to partake in community beautification projects and to promote appreciation and conservation of our resources for our children and for our future. Our goal is to enhance the beauty of our community.

Today the Club thrives and continues to grow. Whether you are a novice or accomplished gardener the Charlton Garden club is a great place to meet other gardening enthusiasts, learn about plants and planting and share your garden tips and experiences.

For anyone interested in becoming a member, please contact Ginny Charette 508-248-7300 or Marcia Liedigk 508-434-0506

Officers, Committees and Duties Officers

President: Leads the meetings and events, chairs the Board and sets up the Common planting and the Club Program committee meeting.

Vice President: Handles membership and preside at meeting in the absence of the President.

Recording Secretary: Record and reports the minutes of the meetings.

Corresponding Secretary: Confirms events and all other club correspondence.

Treasurer: Handles all financial transaction on behalf of the club.

Board Members

Historian: Gathers photos and memorabilia at meetings and events

Plant Sale: Organizes and hosts event

Flower Show: Organizes and hosts event

Public Relations: Keeps club active with media

Media Relations: Keeps club web site active and current

Picnic: Organizes and hosts event

Booklet Publishing: Provides annual program booklet to members

Officers are elected in November to serve the following year. If an officer is unable to attend a meeting, that officer is to designate someone to perform her/his duties. Available positions are open to any member in good standing.
The Charlton Garden Club
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