Whether you are a novice or accomplished gardener the Charlton Garden club is a great place to meet other gardening enthusiasts, learn about plants and planting and share your garden tips and experiences. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Ginny Charette 508-248-7300 or Marcia Liedigk 508-434-0506.

All Members:
  • Attend at least 4 meetings per year. Please contact an officer if not able to make a meeting.
  • Participate in Flower show.
  • Participate in refreshment committees.
  • Encouraged to Donate Flower Arrangements to Library
  • Volunteer to weed the Common if health allows.
  • Encouraged to join or coordinate in committees.

Refreshment Coordinator: Assigned to each meeting by the program committee to contact each member assigned to the monthly meeting and organize the refreshments for that month.

Refreshment Committee: Members are assigned by the program committee randomly to donate refreshments for the monthly meeting. If for some reason an assigned committee member is unable to contribute they must swap with another member and notified coordinator of the change. Please plan to arrive 30-45 minutes before meeting to set up the room for the meeting.

Fun Committees

The following committees require a bit of work, but are lots of fun!

Common Planting: The coordinator chooses and purchases the plants to be used by the volunteers to plant on the Common.

Flower Show: The coordinator meets with volunteers for theme and categories for the flower show on Labor Day. Host volunteers will monitor and answer questions for the show. Volunteers are needed for set up and take-down.

Annual Plant Sale: Volunteers meet to discuss how to organize the display of plants and other set up details.

Program Planning: Officers and volunteers meet in January to discuss and organize the meeting for next year.

Some of our Projects

Every year we plant annuals around the Morton Monument on the common and hold a Flower Show every Labor Day in conjunction with the Charlton “Old Home Day” celebration.

We honored our 75th Anniversary as Charlton Garden Club by donating the tree Syringa reticulata “Ivory Silk” to our town and it was then planted on the Town Common.

Our club constructed and planted the circular flower bed at the south end of the Common, planted some shrubs around a gazebo at the Charlton Housing Authority’s Meadowview Apartments, added some plants at the Charlton Manor Nursing Home, planted daffodils on the Common for Charlton’s 250th anniversary and have done plantings at our town’s Elementary, Middle and Heritage Schools.

Also, we have donated trees to the Town’s Churches, planted at the Rider Tavern, planted bulbs at the police station, planting around a boardwalk at Capen Hill where we also were delighted to plant a butterfly garden; plant raised beds at the Library where we also provide occasional fresh flower arrangements and gardening books. The club also donates each year to the Chip In Food Bank and in honor of our past president and other loved ones we donate a garden themed tree to the Festival of Giving Trees.
The Charlton Garden Club
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